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The Ice Cream Man

Gabrielle Sharkey Oldfield

The Ice Cream Man
Saturday, April 09, 2016

I spent some time yesterday reminiscing on the awesomeness of being a kid. It makes me sad that we often lose the joy of little things as adults, but it brings me right back to those days when I see MY kids experiencing moments of pure happiness.

Most neighborhoods have an "Ice Cream Man" who makes the rounds during the summer. He can be a cruel man, taking only one pass down your street while kids frantically try to get money from parents and run outside before the music fades into the distance. 

I have a precious memory of my husband calling me over to our upstairs bedroom window so I could look out and see my 8-year-old daughter in the front yard. She was standing under our tree, bike at her feet, still wearing her bicycle helmet with one ear awkwardly protruding out. She had successfully managed to chase down the moving truck of treats by having money strategically placed for just such an occasion. She was holding the spoils of war, a creamy cold ice cream, in her right hand. As I looked out I could see her dramatically moving her arm in gentle figure eights while repeating the mantra, “I am lucky, lucky, lucky.”

It was a good day.