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This is Significant

Gabrielle Oldfield

This is Significant
Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Have you ever experienced a moment when you knew something significant had just happened, but you were not exactly sure what it was? 

I attended a meeting and vendor show this morning as part of an association I'm involved with.  There was a breakfast, keynote speaker, and networking time before and afterwards.  I'll be honest with you, I am hit and miss on the whole networking thing--sometimes I'm good at it, but most times, not so much. 

I made the rounds and was ready to head out when an acquaintance greeted me and began some small talk.  This person knows I do contract work part time and work full time in ministry, but we've never really spoken in depth.  He asked how ministry was going and said he often prays for my continued calling in that area.  I felt compelled at that point to bring up the short version of the Type 1 diabetes diagnosis I had received in December and how my faith in God and connection to such a supportive church has been a tremendous gift while trying to come to grips with these new daily challenges.

And now the significant thing...

Without missing a beat, this sweet man then revealed to me that his wife had been diagnosed with brain cancer a week ago and they were just in the beginning stages of determining what their next steps would be.  He told me that he has many friends that are not believers, but even they have recognized his incredible faith in God and believe it will bring he and his wife through this.  

I kept myself laser focused.  I didn't allow any distractions from the hundreds of people milling around us.  What he was disclosing to me deserved my undivided attention.  I resisted the temptation to try to say something amazing, thought provoking, and spiritually profound.  I simply and genuinely told him I was so sorry he and his wife were going through this, but was happy he shared it with me.  I told him I would pray for healing in WHATEVER manner God chose to accomplish it.  His smile confirmed that this was what he needed to hear.  We hugged, the moment ended, enter the rest of the world.

Instead of continuing through the booths, I headed directly outside.  That is the moment when I thought to myself, "Something significant just happened."  Maybe it was being part of God's plan to provide comfort and hope to someone at the particular moment he NEEDED to have another believer stand in agreement with him.  Possibly this encounter is the foundation of something yet to come.  Either way, I am honored God gave me the opportunity to be part it and so thankful I chose to say "yes."