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What Does Church Have to do with Making Friends? Part 3 of 3 Community and Connection

Gabrielle Oldfield

What Does Church Have to do with Making Friends? Part 3 of 3 Community and Connection
Sunday, August 02, 2015

You may be asking yourself, "What does church have to do with making friends?"  A lot.  Or at least it should.  A church community gives us the opportunity to grow and connect with friends who are like minded, supportive, forgiving, and care enough to listen.  

At least that is supposed to be how it works, but alas, we all know that isn't always the case.

If you read the above and you feel convicted in one of these areas, for instance, you aren't a good listener, then pray, commit, and move on!  Don't let the enemy convince you to give up just because this is a work in progress.  We are all human and we fall short, God can handle it, we just need to hang in there.  

I am not saying you can't find these things outside the church, but ideally your church home would provide you with opportunities and a pool of people with similar interests and family situations.  This is helpful if you are someone who struggles with finding and making friends.

I like these scriptures for this portion of the series:

Galatians 6:2 Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  

Galatians 6:10 Therefore as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Colossians 2:2 My purpose is that they be encouraged in heart and united in love, so they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely Christ.

In or outside of church we can be examples of how community should be, we can share God's goodness, fulfill our purpose, and help other's fulfill theirs.

Isaiah 61:1  The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.  He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.

My prayer for all of you who take the time to read this is that you would be brave and put yourself out there even if it isn't always comfortable.  I pray you would have an open mind regarding the people God puts in your path.  I pray that you will acknowledge friendships are something that God has for you and that you will honor your friends by being a person of your word.

1 Corinthians 12:27 Now you are the body of Christ and each one of you is a part of it.

Your investment in the plans God has for you is essential for the whole to function correctly and powerfully for the Kingdom of God.